When you’re out exploring the Lake District it’s almost an automatic reflex to take a photo of the many stunning views you can encounter.

Photos give you that visible, shareable reminder that you can go back to again and again, or simply just bragging rights. It could be that time you conquered Striding Edge, or Catbells, or when you found an amazing place to wild swim… heck, it might be a picture of that quaint pub you went to at the end of a walk. Whatever it is, most of us have the power to capture stunning images in our pocket these days.

But have you you ever thought about what it takes to get the kinds of shots you see in those little photo galleries in Keswick? Photos that make your eyes pop!

What the pros do

Adam Kappa is a professional photographer based in the Lake District who documents his photography adventures on YouTube. He’s taken some jaw dropping shots of the most iconic Lake District views and shows you what it takes to achieve a great shot.

In the video below Adam takes us to the wonderful Priest Hole near Glenridding and shows you how to reach this hidden gem and how to get the perfect shot.

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