We all need a holiday from time to time. And with a little creative thinking you can enjoy your time away from the everyday grind without even leaving home.

We have put together some great ideas for the ultimate holiday at home. Although it might just help you feel like you’re a million miles away.

Logging out before staying in

The first (and arguably the most important) tip when getting into the holiday mindset is to cut as many forms of communication as possible. 

Set your ‘out of office’ on your emails, tell anyone who needs to know that you’ll be uncontactable for a few days, turn your phone off and put it in a drawer. Just because you’re staying home doesn’t mean you have to be on call.

See? Now you’re on a proper holiday.

Be a doorstep tourist

There is no uncomfortable flight, no lengthy transfer as you wait to see if the hotel you’ve booked looks like it did in the photos, and no frustrating check-in process where the receptionist forlornly tries to find any record of your booking. Added bonus – you haven’t forgotten to pack anything.

You’ve woken up feeling refreshed in familiar surroundings and ready to start your staycation.

The first thing anyone does when they arrive on holiday (well, after making sure there is running water in the room and checking what language the TV channels are in) is to explore the surroundings. You may think you know every inch of your hometown, but there are always new places to explore. 

Look on a map or a route-planning app and plot out a few walks in areas you’ve never been before. Search for images of the area to see if that throws up any surprises. Check out Tripadvisor for the most highly rated heritage spots. If there’s a walking tour in your town, go along to it – there’s always so much to discover. 

Host your own film festival

Let’s not pretend the weather is going to be perfect this summer. Chances are there’ll be at least one day when rain stops play. If you can’t go outdoors, bring the fun indoors and organise your own film festival.

Anyone can get involved – all ages and in any location. All you need is access to the same streaming service and you’re good to go. Simply pick your films, send the exact time that everyone should hit play to your group chat and make sure the popcorn is ready to go. Schedule a video call to be able to discuss your films after they’ve finished.

Eat like a local

Okay, so cooking might not be something you would normally do while on holiday, but bear with us.

Were you planning to travel abroad or are you missing your favourite holiday destination? Make it feel like you’re there by choosing a well-known recipe from that country or region, and cook up a first-class local dish. 

Theme your drinks, your soundtrack, your outfit and your decorations. Tacos and margaritas? Mexico. Paella and sangria? Spain. Sushi and saké? Japan. The only limitation is your imagination – and potentially your cooking skills. 

Recreate the hotel experience

You won’t need to worry about remembering your password for the patchy internet or wrestle over a sunlounger, but there are some aspects of hotel life that are worth recreating. 

Have you ever eaten out for breakfast when you’re at home? Now could be the time to try it. 

Spend a morning at the local pool, or push the boat out and check into a spa – or if you’re a slave to your workout, why not book into an exercise class that you’ve never tried before?

See if there are any day trips that depart from nearby, and enjoy a full day out while someone else takes care of the directions. 

Pitch a tent and enjoy the sunshine (and the stars)

If you have a garden, your staycation is a good excuse to spend some time in it. And it’s also the best way to try camping – if you don’t enjoy it you’re seconds away from getting back into your own bed.

Pitch a tent, lounge in your deckchair, and finally get around to reading that book you’ve been saving. Invest in some lighting for your garden, and eke out what remains of the holiday vibe as the sun goes down on your staycation. 

For a real treat, snuggle up in your sleeping bag and make sure the tablet is fully charged – what better way to enjoy a film night than under the stars.

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