Instagram is a fantastic place for home decor inspiration, but it’s easy to find yourself suffering from interior envy. By following a few simple tips from top Cumbrian interior Instagrammers, you’ll soon find yourself proud to share your own home style photos


Chloe’s top tip: Try keeping a neutral base tone throughout whilst introducing colourful accessories, in-keeping with the season. I like to have flowers in my home, fresh or dried as they add an ever-changing focal point… Who doesn’t love beautiful blooms?

Try it yourself: Do you always display flowers in the same place? Look out for new places to keep your spring blooms. A forgotten windowsill, mantle piece, hearth or shelves could be lifted with a bit of colour.


Zoe’s top tip: Go bold. Don’t be afraid to use bold colours, dark colours and lots of different textures in the same room. I often think I’ve taken it too far and things will look too much, but I’m always so pleased with the end result.

Try it yourself: If the rooms in your home have a very distinct colour palette, try switching it up a bit. The throw on your bed might work really well on your sofa instead. The candles in your bathroom could make an interesting centrepiece on your dining room table. You could be surprised when you experiment with what you already have.


Hannah’s top tip: It’s good to keep things on trend, but you don’t have to spend a fortune. Upcycling is so popular, and I love a good before and after photo for my Instagram – it’s a great place to share ideas and styles.

Try it yourself: Spare rooms, sheds and garages often become a dumping ground for unloved furniture. Take a chance and have a go at upcycling on something that won’t be missed.


Top tip: I always like to mix it up. Don’t get hung up on colour schemes, mix old and new furniture, use different textures and layers for example wood, metal, velvet, fur and always add some greenery.

Try it yourself: Never underestimate how effective a good clear out can be. Not only can you quickly refresh a tired corner of your home, but you might be lucky enough to unearth some long forgotten gems that can now be proudly displayed.

Now your home is looking on point, it’s hard to resist taking a quick snap and sharing it with your friends. So what’s the best way to capture the stunning images of your refreshed home?

Carlisle-based wedding photographer, Lauren McGuiness, shares her advice on getting the perfect shot.

You don’t need a fancy camera

If you’re using your phone to take photos, make sure to download a manual camera app. This will allow you to control the light in the photo much better. I love using Focus which is available for iOS and Android devices.

Style within the frame

When you are styling your setting in your house for a photo, try and have at least one key feature going horizontally or diagonally through the frame. For example, if you are taking a photo of your bed or sofa, try and use a blanket/throw to create a diagonal line. It adds much more interest to the photo.

Adding a bit of (filter) magic

When you’ve taken your perfect snap, download a photo editing app to make the finishing touches to your image. I’d advise you to try and stay away from Instagram’s filters. I really like using an app called VSCO; it has paid for options but the free version is fantastic. You can edit so many different things – lighting, contrast, colours – the list is endless. When you upload a photo, VSCO even suggests a few filters that will work for the photo.

Images that work well:

This is such an interesting photo. I love how the mirror is at the top right of the frame and draws your interest with the strong shape of the mirror. I like the really subtle colour editing and muted tones – also very on trend. And the higher angle that the photo has been taken from is almost as if you’re standing right there.

I really like this photo – and not just because of the adorable cat. The leading line from the table draws your eyes throughout the frame and to the focal point in the photo. I like the styling on the work counters with appliances and accessories. The simplicity works well. Another interesting angle choice by the photographer – going lower makes the final image a lot more interesting.

This is a great photograph for Instagram. It hasn’t been over-styled and the editing feels really light and natural. The slightly open door on the right side of the frame adds a fantastic diagonal line, making the photograph more interesting. The bed throw hasn’t been neatly tucked in, which makes you feel like the room is lived in and feels natural. The framing is nice and compact, and there’s a lot of little details to look at.

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