Many of us are currently working from home, and it can be devilishly easy to fall into bad habits and feel like you’re not being productive as you can be.

We’ve come up with 5 top tips to make working from home more bearable and productive:

Make a permanent workspace

You can feel a little disjointed when working from home, especially if you’ve got yourself parked on a couch, hunched over a coffee table on a laptop. It’s not the most productive setup and won’t do your body any good at all.

If you’re lucky enough to have a desk in the home or a big dining table, it’s time to clear the clutter off it and set it up as your battle station for getting stuff done. Move things about so you can see out of a window and get plenty of light in the room.

That old PC monitor that’s been sat it cupboard for years? Get it out, dust it off and see if you can hook it up to your laptop (you might need to buy an adapter). Use some boxes to get the monitor to eye height and voila, you’ve just built yourself an ergonomic, battle ready work station.

No luck on the monitor front? Elevate your laptop to eye level and use an external keyboard and mouse if you have them. Ideally if you have all of these you can create the ultimate work at home station that feels as productive as your office setup.

Get up and walk about regularly

Just like in the office or any kind of work, staying seated all day is not good for your body. Being on your feet and doing some stretches or even just changing your gaze from your screen to something distant can help you through the day. Schedule regular intervals in your day to just get up and go out into your yard or garden, get some fresh air, run on the spot for 20 seconds, do some star jumps, or do some simple stretches and you’ll feel re-energised.

Got a house chore that will take you 5 minutes, go on, get it done to break up your day, then you don’t have to deal with it later.

Set yourself stringent work hours

One issue you can often face working at home is the lack of stringent timetable to your day. You’re used to leaving the house and commuting to work. If you usually work 9-5, set that time firmly at home if you can. At that time you would usually leave for work make sure you’ve got everything set for your day, maybe take a ten minute stroll before you set to task.

You may have other considerations with children etc but setting yourself that time will help you concentrate. Don’t let your work bleed into your non working time. It’s easy to run over at home.

Don’t work in your pyjamas

When there’s no need for commuting and seeing people, you might as well just stay in your pyjamas and not shower right? Hmm, probably not.

Our bodies and minds are used to routine, it’s not just your morning coffee that gets you up in the morning. If you’re the kind of person who has a shower each morning and then gets changed to face the day, not doing that will likely not get you into the right frame of mind to tackle work effectively. You’ll also be ready if you’re going to be taking part in our next tip.

Check in with your team

Have a morning catch up with your team over Google Hangouts or Zoom. A group video chat is a brilliant way to get everyone on the same page. If you’re used to a morning hustle, this is the next best thing. Setup a group video call at a suitable time in the morning and maybe a second one later in the day (say after lunch). This keeps your team on task and allows for social time and chance to see each other.

Working in isolation can be very difficult for some people, just the mere act of seeing as well as hearing your team mates can help boost your working day.

We hope these tips help your through your work at home. The Cumberland are currently encouraging our customers to do as much of their banking using internet banking, or chat to us on our web chat facility at

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