While you’re spending time at home, yoga is great way to relax but also to stay fit and healthy. The great thing with yoga in 2020 is you can do classes in your own home with ease.

All you need is a space and either a Smart TV, tablet or laptop, heck even a smart phone would do the trick. Slip into something comfy you can stretch in, like leggings, or shorts and a t-shirt or sports top. If you happen to have a yoga mat do use that, alternatively yoga can be done on a floor or rug.

There’s a wealth of yoga classes to choose from online ranging from complete beginners doing short sessions to long and advanced sessions for those used to yoga. Here are some sites to try out:

1. Beginners – nhs.uk

As if the NHS couldn’t get any better, the NHS website has a section for fitness. Within this are a range of fantastic exercises, including a beginners class in yoga. Try this out and we are sure you’ll feel the benefits.

2. Medium-Advanced: Carlisle Yoga Studio

Did you know that Carlisle Yoga Studio currently do on-line videos sessions? Emma Vasquez, who is recognised as one of the UK’s top yoga tutors, leads these superb classes that are usually taught face to face in her town centre studio in Carlisle.

If you want to go deep on your yoga experience and link up with a studio where you can eventually go and attend classes then we highly recommend checking out Carlisle Yoga Studio. Right now you can get unlimited access to expert led classes for just £30 for 30 days.

3. All levels – YouTube.com

YouTube is without doubt the best place for free yoga classes. You only have type yoga into search and you’re given a wealth of choice from total beginner classes to full on advanced sessions. Different channels have different styles, from relaxed and explanatory, to more energetic and fitness driven. Here’s a few channels to try out:

Yoga with Adrienne: YouTube’s most popular yoga instructor with over 6 million subscribers with yoga for all levels and moods. Adrienne uploads a 30 day challenge each year, it’s definitely worth a look. Her relaxed at home style alongside Benji the dog joining in from time to time is comforting and a great way to explore yoga at home.

Boho Beautiful: Always back dropped by tropical views or beaches and music, Boho Beautiful delivers more energetic fast flowing yoga sessions with Juliana the super athletic instructor. If you’re looking for yoga to get you fitter, this channel is for you. Again she covers all levels and also has pilates classes.

Breathe and Flow: Breathe and Flow has a much smaller subscriber base but it is growing and you can see why as Flo and Bre guide you through their journey in yoga as well as teaching classes. They have dedicated yoga for men guided by Flo and he is a great calming instructor.

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